WOD 04-26-2011

5 Rounds for time:

10 Power Snatch

10 HSPU (complete twenty of scaled versions)

Skill: 50 Back Extensions

The Nutrition/Goals Session is this Saturday at 10:00.  You do not need to register for the event.  We will discuss proper nutrition and converting to a "paleo" lifestyle rather than a short term "diet".  The information in this session will clear up any confusion or misunderstandings about eating "Paleo".  Many people tell me that they eat "Paleo" and in reality are in no way even close to eating a true "paleo" diet.  If you want the facts and are ready to make a commitment you should make sure to attend this Saturday at 10:00.  The guidelines for the Paleo Lifestyle Challenge will be announced at the info session.  This Challenge is for those ready to make a commitment to their nutrition and over all fitness. 


  1. Kyle,
    Are you going to summarize this info into a doc or presentation? I’d love to hear it but will be getting my “fish-on” in FL this weekend.

  2. What’s the weight on the power snatches?
    Also, is there open gym Saturday morning before the nutrition session?

  3. I think it’s 65# for the women…not sure for the men.

  4. 65/95#. yes. Open gym until the seminar starts.