Max Burpees in 5 Minutes
Rest 1 Minute
Max SDHP in 4 Minutes 95/65#
Rest 1 Minute
Max Sit ups in 3 Minutes
Rest 1 minute
Max Pull Ups in 2 minutes

Skill: Farmers Walk (4) 70/53#

Those of you who are interested in having a 3:30 class at CFR, are there any specific days of the week that you would like that class? Please post your preference to the comments section.


  1. Friday’s

  2. Will Lankford says:


  3. Wednesday / Friday

  4. I could actually do 3:45 everyday, but never 3:30 (school gets out at 3:19).

    PS – I’m not sure if my survey actually made it through, cause I had a weird internetty difficulty when I hit submit.

  5. Fridays

  6. Friday is best. Monday is the only day that is out

  7. michael o. says:

    Thusday and Friday

  8. I agree Thursday would also be a nice option –

  9. I would like a 3:30 or 3:45 class on Wednesday/Friday

  10. Friday also. 3:30 and 3:45 are both fine by me.

  11. Will Lankford says:

    If we’re voting, I’d prefer 3:45 on Fridays as well.