Complete the following with a partner:
125 Wall Ball 20/14#
100 Box Step Ups 20″ box Holding a Kettle Bell in the Goblet position 53/35#
Run 2000M
75 Push Press 95/65#
Split Any way you want.

Remember that today is Pearl Harbor Day.

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CFR Ice Fishing Tournament January 18th. Food, Beverage, Friendly competition and a lot of fun. All for a good cause. Please make plans to participate.


  1. Challenge of the month needs a masters’ division for 40+!

  2. Want to have your mind blown? Check out this slide show of the sugar industry’s PR efforts in the 70’s: http://www.motherjones.com/slideshows/2012/10/classic-sugar-ads/eat-sugar-lose-weight

  3. Can we have more than one partner for this + a spreadsheet with a macro and a monitoring device so I can properly track my progress?