Beet & Sweet Potato Chips

Beet chips and turkey with cranberry 005 

I bought a bag of these at Publix the other day and they were so good so I thought I would try making my own! It was easy and they are delicious. I will caution you that it is tempting to eat the whole batch in one sitting so don't make these if you have no self control! 🙂


Beet & Sweet Potato Chips:

1 sweet potato

2 beets

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Celtic Sea Salt


Slice beets and sweet potato in to thin slices (a mandolin works well if you have one. Or if you are too lazy to get it out of the cabinet like me you can just slice them by hand.)

Throw them in a bowl and drizzle EVOO. Toss around to coat.

Spread in a single layer on 2 baking sheets. Place 1 baking sheet on the middle rack and the other on the lower rack of oven and bake at 400 degrees for around 25 minutes. Turn chips once during cooking. When finished cooking, sprinkle lightly with salt.


*The crispier, the better in my opinion. Some of my sweet potatoes turned a little brown and almost looked burnt, but they tasted good. The ones that didn't get cooked as well weren't as crispy the second day.


  1. Would this be Paleo? I remember beets being okay, but I thought we had to stay away from tubers…
    I would LOVE to hear you say, “Yes! Go eat some tubers!” Because I really miss my Korean sweet potatoes… *sniff*

  2. You are correct – tubers are not paleo. Many people do make an exception for sweet potatoes, but only as a post-workout recovery food.
    I don’t reccomend them for people who are using paleo as a way to lose weight as they are high on the glycemic index.
    You could just do the beet chips if you didn’t want to eat sweet potatoes.

  3. I tried to make these the other day. I used the mandolin, and I may have sliced it too thin, because I ended up burning a lot of them (not looking brown, I am talking burnt). I used the Korean sweet potatoes, so I am not sure if that was my downfall? I wonder if my oven is too hot? Maybe if the temp was lower and I cooked them longer, it might have achieved the right crisp. Either way, it was really good! Hubby loved them. 🙂

  4. It was probably the thinner slices from the mandolin. I sliced mine by hand so they were probably a little thicker. So maybe next time if you use the mandolin again try turning the temp down by 25 degrees and just watch them.
    Did you flip them half way through cooking?

  5. I did flip them, but some were already burnt – it’s probably the heat. I have some more sweet potatoes, so I’ll try it this time with a lower temp. 🙂
    Y’all have fun in Hawaii! And Merry Christmas!