CFR Intro to CrossFit Classes

We will begin a 3 session series explaining the foundations of CrossFit.  These classes are designed for beginners but all are welcome.  We will discuss the 9 essential movements of CF, as well as the theory behind CrossFit training.  The dates and times for Intro classes are as follows:

Session 1  April 3rd  9:30-11:00 am

Session 2  April  6th 6:30-7:30 pm

Session 3 April 10th 10:00-11:00 am

Please note that intro class times will slightly alter regular class times.  If you plan to do the WOD on these days you will need to come prior to the start of the intro class. 

In addition, any new members will be required to complete intro classes before they are allowed to join regular classes.  If you are referring a new member please have them call and make an appointment to set up a baseline test and evaluation.  We have grown and I can no longer accommodate walk-in evaluations.  I appreciate everyone working hard to grow the gym. 


  1. sounds great! will you keep these dates posted so that we can adjust our wod’ing schedules if needed?

  2. definitely planning to be there saturday… the other two sessions, i might have to get someone’s notes for though! hopefully, this will help me answer the “what is crossfit?” question a bit easier!

  3. “Randomized functional movements performed at high intensity.” Somehow, that still leaves them with a question mark on their face. :o) Sounds great, Kyle!

  4. Jackie – I’ve also told people “it’s what P.E. class SHOULD have been.”

  5. you’re right! instead of the random physical fitness test – i was queen of the dead hang! ha!

  6. The Brain says:

    What’s the class syllabus? Is it the same show each time or different stuff? I’ll plan on being there (ahead of time, to do the WOD, even on the Saturdays).
    BTW – now that I think about it, I was king of the rope climb in elementary school PE. We’d pair up and race each other to the top of this bar the ropes were hanging from and 1st to ring the bell won. I just remembered that and almost can’t believe it myself.

  7. kyle – i think there is some confusion on this “class.” is this basically a cf fundamentals class to go over the MOVES, with a little theoretical explanation of “what is cf?”
    like, this is for new people so they can come into the wod already knowing the basics of the clean, push press, push jerk, deadlift, etc? right?

  8. Great idea Kyle. I think we really are hitting a tipping point for the space we are in and this will give you the freedom to show new people the ropes without having to juggle the WOD’s at the same time.