CFR Race Team

Below are the races we are reccomending for the fall. Not all of these races have an option to register as a team. However, that does not mean a group of CFR members can't join together to run and cheer each other on. The races noted with an ** do have team registration and we will be registering as Team CrossFit Rebellion. Feel free to discuss in the comment section on which races you would like to participate in.

Oct 1  9 AM Sawyerville 5K Greensboro, AL $25 (I realize this is a little bit of a drive, but if you have friends you can stay with in Tuscaloosa on Friday night its not too far from there and if you've never been to Pie Lab Donna says it's a must. I will admit, I'm mostly going for the pie.

**Oct 15 9 AM Race for the Cure 5K Linn Park $30 (or $40 if you want a chip) Must register by Sept 30 for Team Participation

 Nov 5  8 AM Vulcan Run 10K Boutwell Auditorium

Nov 13 8:30 AM Xterra Alabama Trail Run 10K Oak Mtn $30

Jan 7  7 AM Red Nose Run 5K $25

**Feb11/12 Tough Mudder Atlanta $120+ (depending on how early to register). Team Name CrossFit Rebellion PW:Brain

**Feb 13 7 AM Mercedes Marathon Relay $200 per team (5 person team)

March 31 Rumpshaker 5K (more details TBA)


  1. I would like to participate in zero running activities, although the pie is tempting…

  2. I’m in for the Race for the Cure and the Mercedes Marathon Relay and the Rumpshaker. I might consider the Red Nose Run too…but I chickened out last year because it was just too cold. Have you already registered a team for the Race for the Cure so we can go ahead and sign up? Also, do y’all mind if I have some friends register under the team name too?

  3. I have not had time to register a team yet, but plan too this week.
    Depends on how fast your friends are…just kidding 🙂 They are welcome to register with us.
    Britt – we wont make you run. just come hang out and eat pie 😉 who will twitter live from the run if you dont come?

  4. I will say that the Pie Lab’s pie might run out – it might be good to have a DPH (Designated Pie Hoarder).

  5. oh, kyle and i have already discussed this. we will be calling in advance to reserve ours. we’re not taking any chances 😉

  6. Robert W. says:

    I’m in for the Race for the Cure, Vulcan Run, and Mercedes. Possibly the Trail 10k as well.

  7. You know I’m down!

  8. I’m in for the Cure, Vulcan, Red Nose, Mercedes and Rumpshaker. I’ll be running for the Bell Center again in the Mercedes (half marathon) but maybe I can run the first leg of the relay for CFR????

  9. whats up with all the running? Lets get a bike ride or two in there. The end of September is the “Make a Wish Ride” in Gulf Shores. Alison and I will be representing. Anyone else interested? If not, then at least plan on making a donation to our team….:)

  10. I’d like to do Race for the Cure and Mercedes. And possibly Vulcan and Red Nose, though those do not seem to have team signups??

  11. I’m in for the Cure and maybe the XTerra 10k. I wish I could go to Pie Lab- I mean the Sawyerville 5K, but that weekend has been eaten!

  12. I’m in for the Tough Mudder, the Cure, Vulcan, and Red Nose…

  13. Bicycle? ” Make a Wish”? Anyone? It’s for the children! Let’s at least talk donations. Who’s in? and how much? Dont make me come down there!

  14. Well, I guess I can attend as a pie-eater and photographer/stalker/tweeter.

  15. yes I think thats a good plan Britt!

  16. Ray Jackson says:

    Britt, I thought I had already explained, I am the CFR stalker!!!
    Chuck, which ride/mileage are you doing? I’m always down for a donation if it means I don’t have to do any work.