This is it, the moment you have been waiting for. It is the list if events for the challenge. We will start the first event at 5:45. Remember to bring the food and beverage of your choice. We will take up a collection and order pizza as well. In addition to FOSC, we will also announce the Paleo challenge winner! I look foward to seeing you tomorrow night.



  1. ooooooooohhh……

  2. Who will be the first ever cfrfosc grand champion?

  3. Aren’t highest box jump and highest vertical leap the same thing?

  4. Sri, in some ways yes and in other ways no. However, you raise an interesting point. I will eliminate vertical leap and in place of it we will have most push ups unbroken.

  5. yay cfrfosc! hey…is the gym open on saturday?

  6. …open on friday?

  7. AND open on friday? i want to do angie again as that is the next wod at bat!

  8. We are closed Friday. However, we will be open and doing Angie on Saturday.

  9. I vote for more categories. I don’t think I can beat anyone at this gym with what is provided. Please add more. thank you Mr Trainer.

  10. fun, fun, fun!!!

  11. Yay about Saturday! My goal for Angie – sub 22!

  12. i disagree about vertical jump and highest box jump. highest box jump is more about flexibility.

  13. I agree, Robyn. There need to be some “Most Awkward _________,” “Closest Wipeout,” and “Strangest Physical Ability” categories or something.

  14. how about best sweat angel???

  15. That would require us to work out beforehand.

  16. how about being able to curl your tongue?

  17. how about moving each eyebrow independently of the other?

    We are now an official gym on the Beyond the Whiteboard site! If you are already a member of Beyond the Whiteboard do a search for Crossfit Rebellion and request to join. If you are not a member of the site it’s only $3 a month. The site allows you track your workouts and compare yourself to others within our gym and nationwide. It’s a great place for benchmarking to see your improvements over time.
    I’ll be posting the WOD each day. All you have to do is go into your account and input your effort for that WOD.
    Sign up today!

  19. woot! bwb woot!

  20. yay! i sent a request….i hope i’m accepted!

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