Closed Today

Optional Home WOD

Run 10k


  1. Hmmm… Pass! Rucked 10mi yesterday though : D

  2. Hey Austin!!! Ummmm…I did not “ruck” anything yesterday as far as I know, but I’m still passing on this one. We miss ya!

  3. Thanks, miss you guys/gals too! (and that cooler Birmingham weather. It was 109deg and 80% humidity last week haha)

  4. Run 10k! AWESOME!! Jackie-are you heading to Peavine?
    If you map out the Vulcan course and run it this morning there is low to no traffic downtown on Sunday and mostly flat.

  5. AUSTIN!!!!! i hope you and sam are having a fun weekend!
    i skipped the 10k, it was “boohaker reunion” day at hargis – volleyball, swimming, canoing, more swimming, softball game… although i missed the softball game… long day!