CrossFit Rebellion Bootcamp

A Real Workout with NO Machines!

If you find yourself bored with "regular exercise programs" or completely unmotivated to go to the gym, CrossFit Rebellion Bootcamp is for you. 

The main goal of participants should be overall fitness. No matter if your desired outcome is fat loss, weight loss or just to tone up, by placing fitness at the forefront of your training program other objectives will naturally follow.

Each session will offer clients the benefits of individualized coaching while in a group setting. We will use primitive equipment, as well as body weight exercises while working as hard as possible to achieve our goal of becoming fit. Because routine is the enemy of fitness, you will rarely perform the same workout twice.

It should be noted that all who chose to participate must be dedicated to the concept of being fit. The benefit you receive from participating in a program of this nature is largely controlled by you and your ability to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

If you are tired of boring, ordinary workouts and eager to achieve fitness, then it is time to join the REBELLION.


  1. Chuck Carswell says:

    Congrats on the affiliation! Now, go knock next door, break the handle off the broom, inform them who you are and what’s about to go down!!! HAHAHA

  2. Kyle Deneke says:

    Thanks Chuck. You guys put on a great cert and were truly inspirational.

  3. Wendy Arnold says:

    Can’t wait until next Monday, I think!!!!