CrossFit Total Results

We had a great time Saturday at the CFT event. We plan on having CFT Saturday once per quarter.  Please try and attend the next one.  It is a lot of fun and great way to test your strength. 



  1. So wish I could have come! Awesome job everyone – NICOLE – way to rock the back squat!!!!!!!

  2. Look at the old timers coming out from under their rocks to hold their titles. Nice job everyone. Hopefully we will get all of this house stuff behind us soon and get back to a regular schedule. I really miss working out. Not Burpees, just working out.

  3. holy crap! nice job all over the board!

  4. wow!!! nice job everyone!

  5. Nicole #1 says:

    Donna, Thanks! My shoulders have nice bruises from the bar on those back squats. Jackie, why didn’t you come in Saturday?

  6. i was playing in a grass 3-on-3 volleyball tournament saturday… friday’s wod was doing WONDERS for my form – ha! you blew any previous cft of mine out of the water! kudos!

  7. Nice job everyone! Way to pull out 435lbs on the DL Sri!

  8. Nichele says:

    Nice job, y’all!