We will be offering the CrossFit total to all interested CFR members this Saturday.  The event will start at 9:00.  We will be finished before 11:00.  The CrossFit Total is the combined totals of your 1 Rep max of the following lifts:

Back Squat

Shoulder Press


Each person will get three attempts to find their 1 RM for each lift.  Afterwards we will add all three scores together.  This will be a great chance to come out and see how strong you are.  The male and female with the best total will be named CFR's strongest man and women. 


  1. Wooooooooooooo!

  2. Bummed I won’t be able to do this – hope it’s something CFR will do a couple times a year…?

  3. Chuck " The Undisputed Crossfit Rebellion Snatch Master" Vann says:

    i would like to request to add one more lift to the event 🙂

  4. i hate i’m missing too. :*( bummer…

  5. ha chuck! we’ll let HQ now that you have requested they change the format. 😉

  6. Nichele says:

    Argh! Any chance I can try this before Saturday? I’m outta town on biz on Friday.