Do you lack intensity?

As you come into the gym, are you dreading the WOD or are you looking forward to improving your fitness?

The attitude that you bring to the gym often dictates the type of workout you will have. As a long time coach, I know that attitude is infectious. I know that I am guilty of dreading at times.

My challenge to you is this: come in fired up, ready to attack each WOD and improve your fitness. If you are not bringing the intensity you should be prepared to hear about it. I will no longer let folks slide when it comes to intensity. I encourage you to help others get fired up for the WOD. Don't let them just get through it. This is crossfit, it is intense.

As trainers, it our responsibility to coach you through a WOD and scale it for you, if necessary. We are going to make it as hard as possible. If you can do more, we expect you to. If you are not getting full range of motion we will correct you. If you have a question about training issues ask a CFR coach. We are certified and eager to help you improve your fitness. In order to improve your fitness you must push the boundries of your capabilities. If you are not giving 100% intensity then you are wasting your time.

My promise to you is this: I will never again talk about how I dislike certain movements or dread a WOD. My second promise is this: I will push you in every WOD, past your comfort zone. You crossfit to improve your fitness and that is what we are going to help you with.

In short, no whining or complaining. I encourage you to welcome the pain. So many people never take themselves to that place. Be excited about the chance to destroy a WOD and better yourself.