Please take a moment to follow the link on the left to FGBV.  This is an amazing fund raiser that we will be taking part in.  You can create a login, set up a donations page, join the CFR team and post it to facebook and email the link to all your friends and family. More details and our gym goal will be posted soon!!!


  1. What time will this event be? I have a family reunion that day, but I may be able to do it if early is an option.

  2. i hope to be able to do this, but won’t be able to commit until i know the vball season schedule. if i can’t make it work, i’ll still donate.

  3. I signed up for this and posted it on facebook and am already receiving donations. My husband and I are big supporters of the wounder warrior foundation. It is an awesome cause.

  4. Wow! That is awesome Kelley!

  5. I’m interested in this, but can anyone tell me if there is a relationship between the FGB score and the amount of money raised? Do ya just tell people that you’re going to do a workout and give money to worthy charities?

  6. i’m pretty sure that’s the way it works, nichelle.

  7. Thanks, Jackie.