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Remember gym closed today

If you need a WOD

WOD: 150 Push Ups.
10 Air Squat Penalty for every time you have to Rest (Resting in Bridge or Pike Position is acceptable) If knees touch the ground, begin Air Squats.

See you tomorrow


  1. so, I made up my own wod b/f seeing this posted. I did 4 rounds of
    run 200m
    20 push ups
    30 sit ups
    40 squats.
    Had some help by a 7 yr old…she smoked me. her time was 9:49 and mine was 15:47. I believe I heard her counting something like this….1,2,4,6,7,8,10,etc. While she is waiting for me to finish, she tells me that Lee DeWyze from American Idol was smokin good. it was fun experience. not quite as fun as her trying to grasp what a double under is and why I can’t do them. Really? Which, by the way…I have practiced most of the weekend and have only managed to squeeze out 2. it ain’t my game.

  2. you’ll get it, robyn! i may need to adopt your cousin’s method of counting…
    ummm… i may take today off, too. if i get extra motivated tonight, i might do this one. otherwise, i may wait until tomorrow to get back on the wod-wagon. i hope everyone is enjoying their memorial day weekend!

  3. yeowch… this one took me 10:01… not the warmest welcome back into Crossfit after 10 days of chocolate mousse and crepes and creme brulee…

  4. hey SRI!!!! welcome back to reality!!!

  5. i’m impressed that anyone did this one! my arms were so sore yesterday that i could not pick up my purse. :\ instead, i ate non-paleo food items and then topped it off with 2 eclairs before bed last night. tonight’s wod is gonna hurt!

  6. welcome back, sri!
    cori, those eclairs were worth it! are you sure you shouldn’t take tonight off, too? i mean, you had a TOUGH weekend… me, i did nada 🙂

  7. nada here also

  8. losers! 😉

  9. cori, i felt that you were doing SO MUCH work, that it would only be right if i took the weekend off. now, i can work hard this week and you can take it off 😀

  10. yes…i did enough work for everyone for a couple of months. why don’t everyone just keep paying kyle and we’ll lay low until mid-july?

  11. before some one takes what i just posted out of context, i should clarify. i meant cori can take the week off.

  12. umm, b/c then we’d all be back at square one…not a good thing.

  13. Yes, Cori, take the week off. Relax. Eat some more junk food. So that we know you’re like, mortal, and stuff.