Important – Please Read

IMPORTANT MESSAGE (Please read all instructions)!

We are finally ready to make the conversion from Mindbody to a new system called Box Command. I’ve been working on this conversion for over 3 months and always with these conversions there are a few snags along the way so please be patient if you have any trouble. This system is really a good one and I think everyone will like it once we get the initial switch over out of the way. If you run into any problems please let me know – Alima

Just a little info about Box Command: this program has all kinds of tools to make managing and tracking your workouts simple and fun! You will get both a CrossFit Rebellion web site portal and a mobile app for your phone (search box command in the app store). Use either or both to RSVP for classes, enter/track your scores, manage your PRs, graph your performance and more. The mobile app is fully integrated with the rest of the system. We do not have a wall-mounted monitor yet. But once we do, as soon as you enter your score into the mobile app on your phone, you will see it pop up on the big monitor in the gym.


To help us complete this process and make the transition as smooth as possible, please follow the instructions below:



Your information was converted from our old payment processor. All you need to do is go here  and fill in your username and password on the sign in box (left side). Your username and password have automatically been set to your first name and last name separated by a period. ie:

username: alima.deneke

password: alima.deneke

**(If you have any problems logging in let me know. It is most likely that you are entering your name differently than they have it listed in the system).**

 Once logged in, you will be prompted to sign a waiver. Once that is complete you can click on “My Account” and change your username and password to whatever you prefer.



 If you fall into one of these categories I have emailed you because your sign up will be a little different. Please check your email and let me know if you have questions.


  1. I am unable to login as either Elizabeth.palazzo or liz.palazzo

  2. Camille says:

    I cannot log in using camille.guerin or camille.warner

  3. This is cool I saw that there’s an Iphone App as well.

  4. Love the look of the new system!

  5. Some of you are logging in with no problems. Some of you are getting error screens. My rep is in a meeting right now, but by this afternoon hopefully we will have that corrected. Just hang tight for a few hours. Thanks for your patience- Alima

  6. Love the new system! Logged in with no problems!

  7. I got a Not Found 404 error when I followed that link.

    • try it again now Brain. He just had to go in and change a security setting and that messed up my link. I just corrected it. Let me know.

  8. Camille says:

    I was able to log in but I am blocked at the payment step because I guess the payment is registered under Ben’s

    • You don’t need to enter anything for the payment. Once you’ve finished the waiver, you’re good to go.

  9. Could not log on with stan.hart

    • They had your name misspelled at star hart. Sorry about that. I’ve corrected your name but you still need to log in with star hart and then you can change the username and pw when you get into the system.

  10. Scott M. says:

    Could not log in with scott.morales

  11. I can’t log in with kate.sewell

  12. Scott M. says:

    I’m in – thanks Alima.

  13. I can log in with david.sewell….want me to do that?

    • Sorry. Didn’t get to respond earlier but yes you’re payments run under daves name so let’s just do that.

  14. Are we going to start having the wod broken up in RX+, RX, Scaled A, Scaled B?

    • No we aren’t. I believe Box Command told me they were changing that feature anyways because most gyms don’t use it. I honestly haven’t played around much with logging scores yet. Merging everyone’s profile and payment info has been such a big undertaking that I have been pretty consumed by that. Playing around with building WODs and logging scores will be next!

    • I just logged in on the client side for a sec so I could see the scoring. For now, my recommendation would be to just select scale A (or scale b – doesn’t really matter) and then in the notes write the weight you used or the band or whatever the scale was. The notes will be the most useful for knowing how you scaled it.

  15. Logged in successfully, but can’t book WOD for tomorrow.

  16. Used MindBody to book WOD

  17. Scott D. says:

    Hey, just FYI: Jennifer and I have both signed up for Box Command, however our Membership Status under the “Account” tab is listed as inactive.

  18. I was able to log in! I think it’s going to be awesome!!

  19. I have created a new profile twice now. The first time, I completely filled out all the info minus the payment info and signed the waiver. It looked successful. I tried to log back in and it let me but said I was an inactive status. I log back in this am and it lets me in but wants me to fill everything out again and won’t let me past the payment screen when I try to go past it.

    • They don’t have your payment info so your seen as inactive. I’m hoping to get this fixed today. Hang tight and I’ll let you know when I’ve got it worked out.

  20. D'Andre says:

    I can not log in using my name as my username and password, could you send me the exact spelling you all used for my name.

  21. I can’t put in scores for word because it says I have no gender. Box Command says mean things.

    • KyleDeneke says:

      ha. I just fixed yours. Try it now. I’m actually in the process of going through everyones profiles and adding genders right now. When you sign up as a new client it has you select a gender, but because most of ya’lls info was transferred from my payment processor (and they have no clue about your gender) that info did not transfer.
      Tex, tell me if it works now.

  22. D'Andre says:

    I went through the registration process and it shows my membership status as inactive.

    • KyleDeneke says:

      Did you get to sign the waiver? It’s telling me you’ve never logged in and you haven’t signed the waiver.

    • oh wait. you went ahead and registered as a new client because you couldn’t log in with dandre.wright? If that’s the case thats why its showing inactive. Theres no payment info linked to the new registration.