It may be your chance at fame!

Monday morning the fox 6 news crew will be back at the gym. They will be filming the yoga as well as some other stuff. If you can be there post a comment or shoot me an email. We will be there from 6-8 am.


  1. What’s on the agenda for 6 – 8 am? Anything specific or just looking good for the cameras? (If that’s the case I definitely won’t be there to run!) You’ll still be there for 5:30, right?

  2. We will still have regularly scheduled classes.

  3. Yawn. I’ve been on TV before. Of course, my face was pixellated out that time…

  4. Can I come get the workout over with in the morning at 6am?

  5. Dave, you can come at 6:00 am. That will be good.

  6. Sri, was that you on “to catch a predator”?

  7. If so that’s pretty scary considering his line of work. Sri-do you know Chris Hanson?

  8. My lawyer tells me I can’t give you any more details until the whole thing goes to trial 🙂

  9. Understandable.