Make up/Skills Day

Thrusters 95/65#
Pull ups

Skills/Make Up Day


  1. sooooooooooooooooo glad i decided not to wod this morning! heehee. i HATE fran!!!!

  2. I woke up, looked at the website, and promptly went back to sleep 🙂 One of these weeks I’ll get a sub-6:00 Fran, but it ain’t this week…

  3. i want a rematch! am i the only one who feels the need to kick themselves after a wod?

  4. that’s the whole thing about FRAN! afterwards, you’re thinking “i should’ve done this” or “i could’ve done that.”
    fran is an evil, evil woman.
    but have no fear jackie, she will return! mmmmmwwwwwaaaahahahahahahahah!

  5. As a friend of ours says, Fran is a dirty pirate hooker.
    This evening, a clock will start at the previously posted 25-minute intervals only. With the possibility of 3 WODs going at the same time on Thursdays it is important we stick to this rule. Especially with so many people nowadays… Be ready at 5:15 or wait til the next start time.
    Thanks for your help.

  6. Have a sick child so I’ll be playing it by ear (for time) tonight. If not, see y’all Saturday.

  7. i ALMOST forgot!!! today is thursday and you know what that means? YES! it’s WoW* time!
    i would like to credit CAB (my grandfather) with coining this week’s WoW: JACKA$$ERY. jacka$$ery refers to foolish, stupid, asinine behavior. for instance, some people believe crossfitters’ wods are pure and simple jacka$$ery. on rare occasions, i tend to agree!
    *for those new peeps, WoW stands for “Word of the Week” and i don’t recall how it came about… but it did.

  8. a lot of jacka$$ery goes on during frothy fridays! 🙂

  9. nice use, cori! and SO true.

  10. man, everyone is so quiet. 🙁 i’m actually having to work to keep myself busy.

  11. since no one gives suck factors before a wod, I guess we can incorporate jacka$$ery pre and post wod.

  12. Robyn I stated a high suck factor pre-WOD Monday. And I was right. My knees calves and lungs still hurt.

  13. thanks Carter! I agree with you on that one. The post suck factor was very high!
    see you tonight. I plan on making up the split jerk wod

  14. everyone is so quiet i had to go get some sunshine – it’s nice and warm out there today, folks!
    oh, and carter – i TOTALLY agree!

  15. carter, can i get an AMEN!!? the suck factor from monday is still sucking! yesterday i could barely walk! i tried to get kyle to enjoy the suckiness of that wod last night, but he wussed out because he wasn’t wearing a wong-sweeve shurt to pwotect his wittle awms. awwwww…..bless his little heart.
    (yes, i’m aware, most likely death by sedukku for me after that comment! but i just had to do it!)

  16. seppuku, cori, seppuku… but the comment is still funny – although, i’m glad i didn’t post it!

  17. oops. seppuku….guess i was confusing it with seduko the puzzle game!? haha!

  18. another fine way to waste our afternoon!
    i’m thinking we just need to call it quits for the day – who’s with me? after fron, i just can’t do anything more today!

  19. i feel like this is jackie and cori’s blog! come on jackie! let’s see how long we can keep this going/avoid work!

  20. oops! i just realized i had a typo in my previous post. i meant “fran” not “fron” – my bad! i will admit, my thrusters are tired though!
    dude, i could go all day – what’s the next topic of conversation?

  21. crap. i have a department meeting in 10 min. maybe someone will put up a new topic by the time it’s over! in the meantime, jackie, hold please……

  22. i got it! has anyone made anything new paleo-wise? i need some ideas to make something with the ground buffalo i bought. anyone? anyone? (i did a mexican ground buffalo mix last weekend)

  23. I love the suduku.
    why did Kyle need long sleeves to do pullups/box jumps and kb’s?

  24. i think it was the double unders – he didn’t want to whip his arms, maybe? i think i’d rather have long pants than long sleeves, though. i tend to whip my legs with those jump ropes more than my arms!

  25. SEPPUKU! That’s the WoW I forgot in my sentence the other day…
    So there I was, just me and my RUCKSACK, wearing only RANGER PANTIES and faced with a thousand Samurai — I contemplated SEPPUKU to escape the JACKA$$ERY afoot — but then a voice in the back of my head said “FIDO”.
    There you are Robyn, one sentence with all WoW’s so far…

  26. THAT ONE ROCKED AUSTIN! much better than the first attempt! woo hoo!

  27. Crazy good, Austin. You should get a prize. Something like one free ‘high suck factor’ pass where you can alter a really bad WOD to your liking.

  28. Donna, I alter my WODs to increase the suck factor. SuckVest = SuckFest

  29. i will take his prize! pick me! pick me!

  30. I know, Austin, I realized that as I was typing it. I was so befuddled by what to do with someone who voluntarily ups the suck factor (we may need a WOW for that), that I just said FIDO and posted anyway.

  31. austin, that was very impressive!!!!

  32. The Brain says:

    SuckVest = SuckFest. So true, Austin. Sigh, back to work (indoors) but good work on the blogging today ladies! (& Carter, & Austin)

  33. alright, it’s been real. it’s been fun. i’m out! see ya’ll tomorrow night! (and some of you tonight @ volleyball)

  34. good one Austin!!!

  35. Haha thanks. I’m gonna miss y’all.