“We are genetically wired for a lifeway that is all but gone now, and our health reflects this. We moved from a nutrient-dense, protein-rich diet that was varied and changed with location and seasons [the hunter gatherer diet] to a diet dependent on a few starchy crops [after the agricultural revolution].  These starchy crops provide a fraction of the vitamins and minerals found in fruits, vegetables and lean meats. These “new foods” create a host of other problems ranging from cancer to autoimmunity to infertility.” 

From The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

The facts in the excerpt above are just some of the reasons, we prescribe a paleo diet for our clients.  The paleo diet is, in essence, simple. Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds and small amounts of fruit. Follow this plan and you will see and feel results; not only because you are eating the way your body was designed to eat but because you are eliminating all processed food, sugar, grain and dairy. The later are foods that have all been proven to cause allergies, inflammation, lack of energy, sleep disorders, weak immune system function and more.  We have seen the results over and over again in our clients and in our own lives and we know that eating paleo works.

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