No classes today-Sunday

The paleo challenge ends today. Comment on your most indulgent meals as you come off paleo.


  1. Salvatores sausage and mushroom pizza and one piece of fudge. Followed quickly with a side of stomach ache.

  2. nothing to report yet- stay tuned kds

  3. pizza hut- cheesy bread- pepsi
    and lots of fudge…

  4. The rest of the pizza and a magic cookie bar again with a side of mild abdominal discomfort.

  5. put :>>>>> man says:

    more fudge… santa’s snickerdoodle cookies milk and the reindeer’s carrots…
    I feel like a slug :<>>>>>>
    that’s my slug icon above

  6. Y’all are really making me want some fudge. Merry Christmas!

  7. last night – 3 pieces of pizza, real ranch dressing on my veggies, 2 pieces of key lime pie, a CANDY CANE…felt like crap afterwards. but gonna do it again today! will keep you posted…

  8. put :>>>>> man says:

    pinwheals- biscuit dough and sausage wrapped in a spiral, frozen, and then cut into “cookies” with Syrup…. coffee. planning on eating Jesus’s birthday cake (carrot) and cupcakes (red velvet) both with cream cheese icing..
    Elijah got Charlie brown Christmas so we watched that and now A Muppet Christmas Carol

  9. did run 3 miles this morning with a really big hill. will prolly do it again this afternoon….just because of sheer guilt.

  10. i did double under/ pushup workout
    4 rounds- 40 DU/ 10 Push
    30 DU/ 20 Push
    20 DU/ 30 Push
    10 DU/ 40 Push
    I subbed tuck jumps for DU because rope too short.
    14:50 i think, posted on BWB.
    now for more festivus…

  11. turkey, dressing, honey glazed ham, broccoli and cheese casserole, sweet potatoe souflee, dressing all smothered in giblet gravy…then a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese icing, pecan pie, and chocolate mousse pie. oh, and sweet tea.
    seriously feel like i was drugged. ugh.

  12. okay, here’s what i’ve consumed at one point between dinner last night up to now… gouda cheese w/ crackers, french onion dip with chips, my lemon iced ginger dude!, fudge, chocolate chip cookie, turkey sandwich on rye with mustard, lebanese cookies, grits w/ butter, toast, sausage/cream cheese b’fast casserole, and i think that’s it… and that’s enough! i will not be eating anymore today as i know i’ll just feel worse. definitely getting back on track in some form/fashion tomorrow!

  13. I had four fat tires. 3lbs of ham, 18 sausage balls, and my body weight in some sort of cream cheese something or another. Oh yeah, cheese dip. Lots of it! It’s good to go home for Christmas. Thanks Mom. My cellulite thanks you.

  14. I am in the middle of a three day eating festival that needs to wind down soon. I feel like I might not make it.

  15. Any of you iPhone people use the “as Rx’d” app? (Sorry for the radical change of subject – maybe this will help: garlic cheese grits, cinnamon rolls, lemon pie – in no particular order).

  16. I have not used it but it looks pretty good

  17. Alima Deneke says:

    It was a very non-paleo Christmas. Kyle and I devoured an entire Xlarge Salvatores Pizza on Christmas Eve. It was delicious, but I think we found out that Kyle is slightly allergic to cheese. He could barely sleep that night because he couldnt breath through his nose.
    The next morning, we had a variety of pastries – sticky buns, muffins, chcolate croisants and a lot of bacon (the only Paleo thing on the plate)! Oh and coffee WITH sugar – yumm!
    After todays hash brown casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, magic cookie bars and fudge I am ready to get back to Paleo. I feel awful!

  18. Chuck Vann says:

    Four more fat tires. Three 420’s. Two Bell’s porters. and a partridge in a pear tree.

  19. we ate a lot. and nothing paleo.

  20. I am so glad to see everyone indulged so well! I had about 3 red velvet cupcakes over the course of 2 days, potato casserole, sweet potatoes, ham, cornbread dressing. Thursday night was soup with half a skillet of cornbread. I missed out on my pizza though. I wish I had some.
    I thought I was going to puke on Christmas day from all the sugar. I think there were some other sweet treats but I can’t remember from being in a sugar coma. I want just one more cupcake before I head back to the Ham, but I am afraid it will wreck my workout. Thoughts anyone??
    see you guys tonight. Its gonna be painful!

  21. go ahead with the cupcake…tonight is gonna hurt with or without it! 🙂 travel safely!

  22. Thanks Cori…..I only ate half!!! split the last one with my Mom!