No WOD Today

Enjoy the long weekend and have a safe holiday.
Some CFR members are meeting for an outdoor Annie this afternoon. Check comments for more details.


  1. hi, all! so, robyn, sam and i are meeting at wald park in vestavia (on hwy 31, behind vestavia west elementary) at 5:30pm tonight to do “annie”… “annie” is the following: 50-40-30-20-10 of double unders and sit-ups, for time. bring a jump rope – i have my own and have one for robyn & sam. if you want to wait and use one of these, that’s fine. we’ll meet at the parking lot by the pool/track/fields. there is NO shade, so make sure to bring water. also, if you have a mat to lay on for the situps bring that. i’m going to bring a towel to roll up and use in place of an abmat for lumbar support. post here or text me at 527-4144 if you think you’re coming (or call if you get lost). btw, i am not responsible (nor is cfr) if you get hurt. this is an “at your own risk” wod. directions to wald park can be found at,+AL+35216&fb=1&geocode=5844765553065705852,33.434006,-86.788804&oi=manybox&ct=14&cd=1&resnum=1

  2. okay, this week’s WoW is a saying i came across and i thought everyone would enjoy… so it’s a PoW (phrase of the week) instead of a WoW today. ready? okay…
    “Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.”
    a good thought going into this holiday weekend. however, tomorrow, i will eat cake 🙂

  3. Whoever came up with that PoW had never done so many sit-ups on the black rubber mats that they felt they had just GLISSADEd down a rough, rocky hill. Nor had they done walking lunges for a grazzillion meters. Cause cake tastes better than either of those feels. Nevertheless, good PoW.

  4. addendum: meeting at wald park will be weather permitting. if it’s raining, i won’t be there. contact me if you are questioning it.
    as for the PoW – i like it because while i choose to indulge in something, it helps me to remember not to overindulge. we work hard to achieve every bit of what we have all accomplished and that feels much better than anything could taste to me. have a good weekend, everyone!

  5. Hey Chuck…could I commission you to build me a 12″ plyo box? I could pay in cash or beer…

  6. Nichele says:

    I’ll keep an eye on the weather. It’s pretty sloppy here in Crestwood. If I join y’all I’ll have two ropes and two mats.
    And, FYI, here are directions:
    Vestavia Hills Facilities
    Wald Park
    1973 Merryvale Road – If taking Hwy 31 S, go through Homewood, top the hill into Vestavia Hills. On the right you will pass Publix, then Red Lobster. Turn right at the 3rd traffic light after Red Lobster onto Merryvale Rd.
    If taking I-65 S, take exit 252, turn left at light onto 31 N. Pass Wal-Mart on your left and turn left at the next traffic light onto Merryvale Rd.
    If taking I-65 N, take exit 252, turn right onto 31 N. Pass Wal-Mart on your left and turn left at the next traffic light onto Merryvale Rd.

  7. yep… rain out yesterday. robyn & i went to make sure no one else did. it cleared up a bit so we just did some double under practice. ROBYN GOT HER FIRST TWO DOUBLE UNDERS! woo hoo!