Note to all CFR members

We will be tightening up the standards at CFR.  It is easy to allow things to slip a little bit when you are growing and expanding.  However, it is very important that we hold each other accountable for what we do.  Just as the Paleo challenge is about accountability, so should our WOD be.  In an effort to improve the fitness of all of our members, we will begin to more strictly monitor ROM (range of motion).  If possible, have someone count your reps for you during the WOD.  Tell them to only count full reps.  This will only improve your fitness level and as such I am sure you will welcome it.  Also, do not get mad when your counter tells you that your rep did not count just be thankful that you have a helper to make sure that you are getting the most from each WOD. Try and use different counters as often as possible to avoid issues.  If you can not attain full ROM on a movement we will scale to your ability level.  You can and should always practice and work to improve areas of weakness during warm up and skills days. 

Thank you in advance for your help with this.  I know that we all have the same goal at CFR.  We have a great community of people that all try and help one another achieve our goals.  This is just one more way we can all improve the community. 



  1. big ups on this Kyle. we all need an honest set of eyes. like one of my basketball coaches used to say “practice does not make perfect. practice makes permanent. PERFECT practice makes perfect.”
    feel free to call me on my ROM. i am guilty.

  2. i am SOOOOOO guilty!!!! i’m looking forward to this! i want to apologize ahead of time for any cursing or stares my “counter” might receive….i know it’s for my own good. please call me out.

  3. I am glad we are being held accountable. I certainly want to get better and not remain stagnant ( do we have spell check on this thing??)
    I like that quote from your basketball coach, Carter!!

  4. agree with everyone. feel free to call me out.

  5. I agree and approve of this idea. Good call – I need it!

  6. Kyle Deneke says:

    Glad to see that everyone has the right mindset about this. We will all be better served by sticking with higher standards.

  7. I’m actually looking forward to this; a chance to get the right technique on these exercises.*
    *(Chin-ups are still done “by any means necessary”, right?)

  8. I’m perfect … don’t call me out because your jealous.

  9. hey, everybody…is sri alive!?

  10. Nice Putman…..:)