Nutrition Challenge Winner

I know I’ve said it many times, but I am so so happy with all the 21DSD results! Everyone lost weight and inches and saw many other benefits as well. I hope you all are transitioning to a nutrition plan that can work for you long term.

It was REALLY difficult to pick a winner and I really enjoyed looking through all the results you all sent. Reading about your journey and the changes you saw through the 21 days was really amazing and inspiring.

One person’s story in particular really stood out to me.  So here is a brief version of her story…..

About a month before our challenge started she had been diagnosed as borderline diabetic and put on the prescription Metformin to regulate her blood sugar. She also committed to this challenge despite the fact that she would be going through surgery on the very first day of the detox.  She felt pretty bad during the first 4 days, but she stuck with the detox even through her recovery process when I’m sure many of us would have given up (myself included). By day 5, she was back in the gym post surgery, had stopped taking the Metformin and was feeling amazing. In her email she sent she said;

“After that everything just started falling into place. I just kept having amazing days where I felt better than I have in, well, maybe ever. I also had the best week I’ve ever had at CrossFit.”

Feeling better than you ever had in your whole life is pretty awesome. And going from a diagnosis of pre-diabetic to regulating your own blood sugar successfully by eating the right foods is amazing. You just can’t argue with those results.

A few more quotes from her email that I thought were great;

“I have never given up artificial sweeteners before. It has been eye opening. I never thought I’d ever be happy not having Splenda. I think Splenda was keeping me from really tasting food. Things that don’t normally taste good to me, taste good now. I’m amazed!”

“There are so many more awesome things that have happened since I started eating this way and they include:

Learning how to chop things

Learning how to cook healthier and better

Learning about why certain oils are bad to cook with and which ones are good to use

I lost 2 inches

I lost 11.3 lbs

My clothes are getting lose

I kicked my Diet Coke habit

I kicked my Splenda habit

I can drink black coffee now….I never thought this would happen

I’ve had some amazing food

I love shopping at Whole Foods now”


So, BIG congratulations to Brooke Miller! You are awesome and we are so happy for you! Keep up the good work! I have a prize package for you including several Paleo Cookbooks and a $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods.


  1. Good job Brooke!

  2. Well done, Brooke! Congratulations!

  3. I really couldn’t be more proud of Brook for how well she’s done over the last few months since joining CFR! As much as I wanted to be the winner, I’m happier it was her.

    Thank you to Kyle and Alima for all of your support. Think Brook would be mad if I woke her up at 4am on her rest day to tell her she was named the winner? 🙂

    • ^^^^ Like, so sweet of you to be so proud of Brook…… but DO NOT wake her up at all tomorrow, especially not at 4am! 🙂

  4. Congrats Brooke!!

  5. Yay!!!! Congratulations Brook! 🙂

  6. Awesome story and awesome work! Congrats Brook!

  7. congratulations, well done

  8. So proud of you Brook!

  9. Way to go Brook!!

  10. Brook Miller says:

    :):):):) Thanks Alima and Kyle! Thanks Everyone! I am super exited! :):):):)

  11. Brook Miller says:

    Jonathan did wake me at 4am to tell me. I didn’t get mad. Lol

  12. Congrats – That is awesome

  13. This is great! Congrat Brook…it’s also good motivation for me on day 11 of the challenge. I echo everything you said about diet drinks, sweeteners, and coffee!

  14. Congrats Brook!!!! That is so amazing, you should be very proud of yourself!!! I can’t wait to see you (hopefully soon)!

  15. Congrats!