Nutrition Seminar

We had a great time at the nutrition seminar today.  If you missed it and want a copy of the Power Point email me and let me know. 

Don't forget, Special Thanksgiving Hours:

Closed Thursday

Friday we will Open at 10:15am and close at 11:15am

Regular Hours Saturday


  1. Can we come in & do strength on Friday?

  2. I’ll would like a copy of the PowerPoints!

  3. As long as you’re at it, I call dibs on a copy of the PowerPoint presentation & strength class Friday.

  4. Srength friday is cool. It will have to be post WOD. Sign up for the Thursday session and you can go Friday. If you don’t sign up for Thursday, you can’t do it Friday.

  5. Kristen Kinstler says:

    I would also like a copy of the PowerPoint.

  6. Done. No rush on the PowerPoint.