Oops!, No Results Picture.

My phone did not save the picture tonight. 

Please post your result to comments.


  1. Kyle Deneke says:

    8:13 (people saw it)

  2. I did this one at home and got 14:46 (scaled).

  3. You are SO forgiven if you post the WOD before bedtime 🙂 which is RAPIDLY approaching – we ASRM employees have got to get our rest if we are going to be actively participating in posting tomorrow…

  4. 9:01 rx’d… see y’all Thursday! And I expect to see many double entendres on tomorrow’s message board. Don’t let me down, ladies!

  5. 10:13 – to be fair though pull ups hanging off a door are friggin’ difficult. my biceps were burning!

  6. mine was 15 something… i think… that was over 24 hrs ago…how am i supposed to remember that?

  7. The Brain says:

    I didn’t have my stopwatch but it must have been under a minute…or maybe 28 minutes…

  8. 37 Seconds faster than Carl. Kaboom.

  9. 2 minutes