Paleo Cookies

These are so good, really easy and you can make several variations. The only problem is that they are too good and a whole batch can easily disappear in minutes. I hope you have more self control than I do.

Original Paleo Cookie:

1-1/4 cups blanched almond flour (it has to be the blanched flour. Almond meal will give you a totally different consistency)

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp celtic sea salt

2 TBSP coconut oil, melted

4 TBSP honey

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Mix flour baking soda & salt in a small bowl. In a separate bowl mix melted coconut oil, honey and vanilla. Then incorporate dry ingredients into wet and mix well. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spoon small balls of your mixture onto cookie sheet (or use a small cookie scoop). Use the palm of your hand or a fork to flatten the cookie (they will not spread on their own like regular cookies).

Bake at 325 for 6-8 minutes (depending on size and your oven) or until slightly golden brown.


I’ve made several variations of this cookie as well. And there are several more I’d like to try. Here are a few ideas:

Chocolate Paleo cookie: Everything the same as above, but add 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder to your dry ingredients. Chocolatey & delicious.

Grain Free, Dairy free Chocolate Chip cookie – so these aren’t paleo because of the chocolate, but they are still much better than a traditional cookie. Add a 1/4 of good quality dark chocolate chips to the Original Paleo Cookie recipe. *Your mixture will probably be a little warm from the melted coconut oil. Make sure to let it cool first before adding the chocolate chips. Trust me on this one.

Coconut Cake Cookie – add 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut and 1/4 tsp pure almond extract. I haven’t made these, but the idea popped in my head and I think they would be good. I’ll update this post when I try them.

Paleo Pecan Sandie – add 1/4 cup finely chopped pecans to the original recipe.  Again haven’t tried yet, but in my mind they would be good.

Oh and in case you are doubting their deliciousness, here is proof. They are kid-approved.


  1. Allison says:

    And Allison approved! These are delicious and I totally plan on experimenting with your ideas!

  2. I’ve tried the coconut cake and they are fabulous! I am so glad I have an alternative to those other sweets so desperately calling my name.

  3. Made these for the family last night and they were a hit! My brother and sister loved them, and I had to resist sneaking an extra one 😀 Even my mother (not a big fan of sweets) enjoyed these – thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try the other variations 😀

  4. Nichole Petrovich says:

    I think these are the best cookies I’ve ever made! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

    I made two different batches, and my husband, kids, and I ate them both in a day. In the first I substituted 100% medium amber maple syrup for the honey, so the cookies did end up spreading more than I planned, but they were so amazing that I was eating them before they even cooled. I definitely ate more than a serving (or two or three or four). The second batch I made for my twin toddlers, and they loved them today. Instead of using the honey, I used 1 ripe, mashed banana. These took at least 10 minutes longer to bake, but they taste like delicious banana bread cookies.

    Thanks again!!!

  5. Took these to a Christmas get together last night and they were GONE! Lots of compliments. It’s a great recipe.

  6. I just made a batch of these cookies, but the dough was so dry I had to add half an egg to it so it wouldn’t crumble when scooping and forming into the cookie shape. They had to bake for an additional 2 minutes but they held together well and turned out gorgeous!

    I made a “gingerbread” version — added 1 tbsp ground ginger and 1 tbsp cinnamon, then topped each cookie with a coating of coconut sugar. They’re amazing!

  7. I have a batch in the oven right now.. I added: 1/2 cup coconut flakes (unsweetened) 1/4 cup cocoa powder (dark unsweet) 2 tablespoons coconut palm sugar, and a small sprinkle of coffee crystals. I’m not sure how any ended up in the oven, because omg nom. (Also delish without the coffee) Thanks!

  8. we made the ones with cocoa and added dark chocolate chunks and halved almonds. it was AMAZING!!!!

  9. Oh my WORD, these exceeded my expectations. I’m not paleo, but I am trying to find an overall better way of eating, meaning more whole foods and alternatives to processed breads. And YAY for the raw cookie dough! 🙂 These are just what my sweet tooth was craving – can’t wait to try the cocoa powder version. Thanks!

  10. Do you think you can substitute Stevia instead of the Honey? I can’t handle honey at all…I can handle a little Stevia.

  11. I loved these! I made the chocolate ones and dipped them in plain nonfat Greek yogurt as a nice treat.

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    truly enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you suggest
    any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?

    Thank you so much!

  13. LOVE these! I made the original and a couple other variations. Took them to an event at our crossfit box- People were hiding them from each other. They will definitely be a staple in my kitchen! Thank you

  14. Made them with the pecans…yummy!

  15. Just made these with a mashed banana (had no honey) and WOW! Banana bread cookies, and I’m having trouble stopping at 3! Next time I will keep the banana and add the cocoa powder and a few chocolate chips. On a low-carb diet for my adrenal issues, and have been craving something sweet. This will take care of those cravings!

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  17. If it’s wrong to eat the dough, I don’t want to be right.

  18. Hey!
    I just made these and only used 2 Tbs. of honey and 2 Tbs. of maple syrup. They were divine! (I like to conserve my precious honey, lol)

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  20. I was unable to find almond flour so I used almond meal and I forgot the coconut oil! Oops. They took twice as long to bake but came out tasty and did the trick. My daughter is off gluten and we are trying to cut back on rice as well. These look like cookies and taste like cookies! I am excited to try it the banana and chocolate chips.
    I want to add that I absolutely hate baking but these were so easy and quick to make with little clean up. I rolled balls of dough up and then smashed them down in my hands and my four year old had so much fun helping make these. I thought it would be messy with all of that honey but it not a mess at all!

    • I know you said no ‘meal’… But,
      Is Red Mill blanched “almond meal/flour” okay to use?
      My whole foods store only has blanched “meal slash flour.”
      Is this a dumb question??! 🙂
      This is my first time baking so im a beginner!

  21. I know you said no ‘meal’… But,
    Is Red Mill blanched “almond meal/flour” okay to use?
    My whole foods store only has blanched “meal slash flour.”
    Is this a dumb question??! 🙂
    This is my first time baking so im a beginner!

    • This recipe is old. More recently Bobs redmill has done a better job of milling their almond meal into a finer consistency. It should work, but my preferred almond flour is still honeyville. If you get into more paleo baking it’s worth ordering the 5 lb bag online. You’ll save $ and it’s better! Hope they turn out!

      • Thanks for the reply. Baked them & they turned out well:)
        Ill look for Honeyville going forward. Thx!

  22. I’ve been putting off making these all week. I just made the ones with unsweet cocoa….OMG they are amazing!!! paleo recipes can be so long and complicated but it really took me 15 min for the whole process. Thank you for posting this! perfect recipe

  23. Michelle J says:

    Ok – this is the first paleo recipe that I LOVED. So many restricted diet recipes just have weird flavors or textures, but these cookies are amazing! I’ve been doing the cocoa option since I am a complete chocoholic, and these have kept me from cheating on bad sweets! No sugar crash and chocolate fix attained. Great recipe, and I’ve now made these several times in the past few weeks.

  24. I added doTERRA lemon essential oil to the dough. My kids couldn’t get enough. This is a great basic recipe for a variety of different cookies. Thanks for sharing.

  25. These cookies are Devine. So easy and kids loved them. Hubby loved them when not on the Whole30.

  26. Wow these are so simple and so good!!

  27. I did some with the basic recipe and then added cacao powder and the other batch I did the basis recipe and added a little lemon zest and lemon juice 🙂

  28. Akdancer77 says:

    I just made these for my hubby who follows a pretty strict SCD & he said they were great! (I couldn’t taste test due to nut allergies) I added about 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 cup raisins (didn’t really measure just eyeballed it:)). I rolled the dough into balls and flattened with a fork. Baked for 12-13 minutes and cooled slightly on pan before moving to rack. Made one dozen.

    • Akdancer77 says:

      He also said they were the closer to a gluten texture than any other baked good I’ve made this far;)

  29. I just made these cookies and followed the recipe to a T. Used Red Mill blanched almond flour/meal. They looked good going onto the cookies sheet, but they ended up flat and melted! What did I do wrong?

  30. This cookie recipe is one of the best gluten-free, gum-free, egg-free, white/cane sugar-free, & complicated-ingredients-free cookie recipes I have ever tried (I’ve tried lots Haha). It’s versitality is amazing. The first time I made these, I did the coconut cake ones (which tastes good, by the way.) The second and third times, I made these with carob powder (same measurement as cocoa/cacao powder) & now, that’s all my family wants as far as cookies go haha. 😉 It is so good to find an amazingly tasty and easy and non-complicated cookie recipe like this that can be made so many different ways. I was thinking I could make the carob version, let them cool, put coconut whipped cream on top of one cookies, top it with another like a sandwich, dump in carob shell, and put in the freezer for a bit to have a sort of moonpie or something. That would be. Amazing. Absolutely, without a doubt. Thank you so much for this recipe! ^_^

    • Thank you so much Talia for your sweet comments! I am so glad you enjoyed them! Your carob moon pie idea sounds amazing – if you try it you’ll have to report back!! – Alima

  31. Viking Kvinne says:

    I have a bag of chokeberries to get rid of and decided to incorporate their tart little butts into a “cookie.” They were unbearable for me in a homemade trail mix as they are like bitter little pebbles. I boiled them and drained them before adding 1 cup of berries. This recipe is eye popping sweet which nicely complimented the chokeberries (I even cut the honey down to 2 TBSP and that was great for me). I also added 1 scoop strawberry whey protein (I KNOW, NOT Paleo… sorry folks!) and added 1 egg because the dough was all crumbs at that point. Baked at 325 for 14 minutes. HELLO DARLINGS… 12 yummy little babies to go into the freezer and become my little nom nom whenever I feel like having a “cheat food.” You nailed it with this recipe! I LOVE the fact that the recipe is basic and one can become as creative as humanly possible. Thank you for the delicious cookie that I am eating right now… and for saving the chokeberries from getting tossed out onto the lawn.