Paleo question?

Is breast milk Paleo? If not, I’m out!!

Paleo question?


  1. Nice midriff!

  2. hahahhaahahhahahhahaha! that’s cute! he’s a little muffin!
    hey, everybody, guess what!? i just found out that sri was on jeopardy! we have a celebrity in the HIZZY!!!!!!!!!

  3. What is, holy s&@!
    Sri, you’ve been holding out on us.
    What were some of the categories?

  4. OMG… how could he have gotten away with keeping that gem to himself. to all that is holy. do we have a clip?

  5. no clip, but a pic on fb! i’ll have to do a little research to try to find a clip!!

  6. already did a google search. nuttin. but sri needs spill it on the other 7 minutes of fame.

  7. Ha! Yup, I was on the show about three years ago and won two games! I have my episodes on DVD, but if you Google “Sri Narayanan” and “Jeopardy” you’ll find recaps of my episodes (but no video; Sony is very protective of its copyrighted material).

  8. Dude, we have to have a night where we watch them after we wod! I’ll bring the paleo muffins!
    That is SO cool! You’re a crossfitter AND a nerd! AWESOME!

  9. Sri Jeopardy night will happen, but only after I return. I can not miss this!

  10. jeopardy contestant = mensa. fo’ sho!

  11. we got us some smart crossfitters! and one cute baby!

  12. i mean, really! everytime i look at that pic of aubrey, i want to do a zerbert on his belly!