Pics from today

Thanks to Carter for the pics. Also, thanks to Amber for the presentation and The Brain for his tech services.

Pics from today

Pics from today


  1. Sorry I had to miss the class. I had to come home and make a decidedly un-Paleo birthday cake for son. However, I feel sure that had a Paleo dude ever happened upon a beater covered with that frosting in the forest, he would have licked it too. So I’m cool.

  2. Valid point Donna.
    I can email you the info from today.

  3. That would be great!

  4. Thanks everyone for coming out and sticking with me through the technical difficulties. I hope everyone enjoyed the talk and will join us for the Paleo Challenge! If you have any questions as you are gearing up, please email me with any questions:

  5. GO DAWGS!!:)