POLL : Grand Re-opening Party Date

We would like everyone's thoughts on the date for the Grand Re-Opening.

The options are Saturday Nov 13 at 10 am or Friday Nov 12 at 6 pm.

We want this to be a big event. It will be open to the public and all current members are encouraged to bring friends and family. So let us know which date is better for you. We hope everyone will be able to make it!


  1. Continuing my recent streak of lameness when it comes to Rebellion events, I can’t do either. Supper club on the 12th and son’s birthday party on the 13th! Seems like having it on the Saturday might increase RR Park visibility…

  2. i’m leaning towards saturday b/c i think more people would be free… although, the bama vs. miss st. game is in ttown that day and currently scheduled for 230p… so i would probably have to head out around noon… unless i get ousted from my seat. i could do either, though.

  3. I’m available either date.

  4. Supper Club?? Donna, a grand re-opening event is wayyyy cooler than that. j/k 🙂 Totally understand. Life is busy with 3 kids, I’m sure. I feeling like I’m drowning with 1 🙂
    Jackie, Saturday football is why we thought Friday might be better.
    We plan on ending the party by noon. Not sure if there are any good 11 am games on that day??

  5. I’m up for either. I’ll start talking it up and see if I have any taker’s with preference.

  6. Alima – I do agree that a grand re-opening is way cooler. :o)

  7. Friday’s better for me; I may have to work Saturday… either way, I can make arrangements, etc.

  8. If its Saturday, I may have a couple of friends would show up.

  9. Scott Morales says:

    Friday the 12th works for us.

  10. If you do decide Saturday at 10 am, the Bama vs Miss State game actually does not kick off until 6:15 so that may not hurt your outcome too bad except for the crazy folks like us who will be in Tuscaloosa by 10 am for a 6:15 kick off 🙂

  11. Fri night seems more like a party than Saturday but more people might come on Sat. Im game for either!

  12. game time changed? argh… okay… not a problem either way for me now!

  13. I’m game either way.