Rest Day

Be sure to watch the Games today. Rich Froning JR. Is leading the contest. He is somewhat of a local. He was in the Deep South sectional and the Southeast regional with Cori.

Also, we are going to have a nutrition challenge starting on July 31st. We will have a nutrition seminar that morning at the gym. If you are not satisfied with your results, you need to focus on nutrition. This will be a great time to start.

Finally, we will be having the CFR 1 year anniversary party on July 30th. Admission to the Party is for you to bring one person that might be interest in joining the CFR family.


  1. can we get a 12 foot rope climb wall?

  2. how much you want to bet our wods this week will mirror these crazy wods from the Games. The people that competed were incredible. Im super motivate…lets see how I feel at Monday’s wod!

  3. It was really amazing. I can’t imagine what their hands feel like – literally can’t imagine.

  4. incredible athletes! it was sooooo awesome! and now we have to wait another year until the games!?!?! 🙁

  5. i can’t imagine what their BODIES feel like! omg…talk about being sore!

  6. I cringed every time somebody slid down the 20ft rope. Still, what motivation for all of us to continue to work hard, so we can be great athletes! Also, I want to have Annie Thorisdottir’s babies.

  7. wow, that last wod was amazing. feel so bad for froning. just shows how the smallest technical hole in your game can sink you at that level. The coverage was amazing.

  8. Anybody like blueberries? I’m running a surplus after two serious picking sessions in my backyard this weekend. As much as I like blues that’s too much for me and I have more on the way. I’m gonna bring in a bunch (8 or so large sandwich bags each holding ~2.5 cups) tomorrow and put them in the mini-fridge. So, if you like blues, dig up that kucken recipe you’ve always wanted to try and help yourself.

  9. sadly, missed watching all of the games… i will have to go and watch them tomorrow.
    also, i had to “google” kucken… at first i thought it was just a slang spelling for “cooking” – haha!

  10. note: sri does not want to have Kristan Clevers babies

  11. umm… wow… that’s a female…….

  12. WORD!!! to that.
    Time to start testing chromosomes?