Rest Day 11-8-2009

Congratulations to all the CFR members who ran the Vulcan yesterday. Take today to rest. You will need it. Monday is looking filthy!!

Remember no 5:30 Monday.

Fun fact: sodium nitrate is naturally occurring in sea salt

Rest Day 11-8-2009


  1. dude, your mention of the word “filthy” makes me nervous….

  2. It should make you a little nervous.

  3. arghhhhhh! i just looked at the main site!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i’ll be outta town for that one. have fun. haha (said in Nelson’s voice).

  5. yay! love the filthy fifty!

  6. My lungs already hurt. How late are we allowed to stay to finish this WOD?

  7. Stay as late as needed Sri. Let’s try and keep this under an hour.

  8. No promises. At least there are no situps or handstand pushups in this one.

  9. made more paleo cookies! much better this time! yippee!!!