Make up any missed WODS or play a sport of your choosing. 


  1. Joshua Putman says:

    zumba class with Ashley, not very masculine but it
    A. Made my wife happy
    B. got me up off my ass
    1 hr 29 min
    136 avg HR
    172 peak hr
    1125 kcal
    *measurements taken with a suunto T4 trainer

  2. Joshua Putman says:

    so… as I sip on my long island ice tea, i am sitting here in my workout clothes from zumba and trying to figure out how far a 1/4 mile is from here at my house to complete the WOD. The more I sip the less likely I am to go do it and the funnier the thought of me trying gets. I will let you all know if the alcohol wins over good judgement (WOD not very good idea after very large LIIT)
    LIIT= Long Island Ice Tea
    3 rounds LIIT
    321 go.
    happy sunday everybody!!!

  3. Kyle Deneke says:

    what the hell is ZUMBA

  4. Joshua Putman says:

    its a latin dance sensation- i.e. free class at the y that is dance based. It was a Zumba party to be exact. Imagine a big room full of women (in varying degrees of fitness- some really really hot) dancing to shakira in a almost line dance esque fashion.
    I had a good time. It was very very silly.