Rest Day

Be sure to text Cori and tell her good luck at Regionals today. See you Tuesday.


  1. Nichele says:

    Hey! Somebody text her for me! I don’t have her number.

  2. Me too!

  3. will do!

  4. Is Cori in 5th place??? Looks like she killed the first WOD this morning!

  5. Sorry…blonde moment…those were partial results. Still doing great, though!

  6. i passed along everyone’s encouragement and how proud we all were of her. she replied “shucks. thanks!!!”
    here’s a bit of an update from her:
    she got a time of 8:44 on the row/burpee wod. not sure about place. on the last wod she got 6 rounds plus 2 squat snatches. not sure about place, again. she said that one was AWFUL b/c it was in full sun (no shade whatsoever) and hotter than hades. i’m willing to bet she’s now in a sugar coma!

  7. Thanks for the update, Jackie! Cori, let us know which carb you went after first! :o)

  8. carb update: cracker barrell! roast beef, mashed potatoes, mac and cheeze, pinto beans, 4 pieces of cornbread….then DQ for dessert!
    it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! 🙂 but i’m back on the train today!
    thanks everyone for the thoughts and good lucks and cheers. it was an amazing weekend. it was SO tough, and there are a TON of amazing cf’ers out there. i saw some amazing women. the last wod i didn’t finish the 8 rounds…but the winner got it in sub 15. NUTS!
    i’ll download pics in a few and put em on fb.
    it’s a bittersweet ending. glad it’s over, but….now what!?!?!?!? guess i gotta set another goal! how about muscle ups by the end of july!

  9. oh…and my favorite wod?
    actually, they ALL were so painful, i’m not sure i can answer that one.
    maybe the amrap…but boy oh boy did it hurt. it was done in a school gymnasium, and it was stifflingly hot. i couldn’t catch my breath….same for the row/burpee/row/burpee wod. and the standard on the lateral jump burpee was weird. oh…and the chest to bar pullups in the sun at noon, 3 rips on the second round was the PITS. didn’t miss any reps on the squat snatches though! woot!