6a010536ddc8c5970c0147e3674098970b 580wi Results

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  1. oooh- nice rips! who’s the lucky recipient???

  2. If that ain’t good advertising for CrossFit, I don’t know what is. Not. Poor Alison – how are they today?

  3. Lucky me! The right hand ripped at 60. The left hand ripped at 75. And I had a good time going too!! Better today, but not ready for HPC. I will take my day off today – you all enjoy!

  4. dude! you ripped that early AND STILL killed it! nice job, ali b! (secretly, i’m glad i overslept now!)

  5. Alison, I was thinking about you this morning when I saw the WOD. I bet your poor mitts are happy that you skipped tonight!!! Very impressive battle scars!!!

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