Skills/make up day

Come in and make up a missed WOD. It is also a great day to work on skills or technique on O lifts.

The new paleo challenge will start next Wednesday. Get it out of your system before then. Maybe I should have said get it all in your system before next week. Either way get ready. This will be a 90 day challenge.


  1. 90!?!
    best get some quality pics beforehand. people that stick with 90 days are going to see HUGE, HUGE results. not only in appearance, but energy level, performance (CF) and just how “clean” you feel.
    rock on.

  2. Kyle Deneke says:

    The 90 day fomrat will really bring benefit to those who can stick with it. I think I will also start a 30 day challenge the last 30 days of the 90 day challenge. This will allow new people a chance to get in on the action. That way, both challenges will end together.

  3. Im in….Paleo on a ski trip might be a challenge, but I am going to do it!

  4. me, too. i’ll have two half marathons, mardi gras and Easter to get thru, but there’s a first time for everything! the cadbury eggs and moonpies will have to rest in the freezer until may. good luck everyone!

  5. It’s a good thing the Belgian Golden Ale I just put in the fermenter has a long aging period… Looks like it will be a while before I get to crack one open…

  6. ooooo, now we have 2 beer makers at Crossfit! Awesome!

  7. I’m in too. As is Amber. We’ll be new people in April…
    In addition to diet, really hone in your workouts during this time period.

  8. I can stick with it for 88 of those days, but I’m flying back to New York for one weekend in March, and my mom’s house is “Anti-Paleo Land”.

  9. Ah, the ever-popular 88-day Paleo challenge. Do I hear 87?

  10. seriously, Sri. you in or not?

  11. Meow. The claws are out. I’m in.

  12. I was just kinda kidding. I don’t even know if I’m in. I’m thinking 74 days.

  13. “you’re either in or you’re out” (said with german accent)

  14. i think i’m going to try paleo-zone, and i’m going to nix the coffee and occassional stevia. it’s the only way i’m going to see even better results, i think.