Skills/Make Up Day

Come in and work skills or make up a missed WOD. 

Carter is running the gym today.  I will be back tomorrow. 


  1. Finally had my ortho appointment for my ailing shoulders and wrist. News is pretty good. I have a bone bruise in my left wrist and biceps tendinitis in both arms. Treated with lots of ibuprofen and activity “as tolerated”. I may need steroid shots in the shoulders in a month, in which I case I’ve got to take 1-2 weeks off.

  2. geez….all of these injuries! take it easy for a couple of weeks sri…before you’re totally wrecked beyond return!

  3. sri, you and i can sit in the corner together and drink wine.

  4. Get well soon, both of you!

  5. good job Carter and Shane tonight gutting out last nights WOD using 500m rows instead of the run.
    I’m off to Atlanta in the morning for a wedding. Staying near an Irish Bar so this is what I have to look forward to for breakfast
    All-Day Irish Breakfast
    Two eggs, two Irish sausages, two rashers, two black puddings, two white puddings, two tomatoes, mushrooms and pan fried potato bread.
    Will pass on the potato bread.

  6. Also, Cori did I hear you say last night that you were a math major? so was I. don’t worry I can’t add, subtract or multiply to save my life.

  7. lol! yes phil! i was a math major! i’d get through a 2 page differential equation and blow it at the end adding 1 and 1! ha!

  8. no worries Phil….everyone knows I can’t add but I wasn’t a math major so I have an excuse! HR people don’t have to add and subtract….that’s what caculators are for!