Socail Event/Josh’s Birthday Challenge update!

Prepare for food fun and frolic at the CFR gathering this Saturday at 6:00 pm.  (I heard that Putman is going to jump 28 cars on a flaming old-school BMX bike, as well as some other crazy stuff.)  Come by the Gym and BYOC (bring your own chair) as we watch Josh bring his birthday challenge to a close.  This event is open to the public, so come by and meet the people of CFR.  It is also a great opportunity for members to hang out and get to know those with which you suffer on a daily basis.  It is also rumored that Alima's made-from-scratch brownies might be making an appearance.  If you are on the zone, you might want to prepare to cheat extravagantly.  Food and beverages will be provided but don't be afraid to bring something to add to the mix.  I hope to see you all this Saturday night.