Mexican Lasagna (Paleo/Primal)

If you like the flavors in Mexican food, I’m pretty sure you will love this. I think I love it even more than my original lasagna recipe. Just like the other lasagna, I used paleo tortillas in place of noodles or corn tortillas. There are several steps here so this is definitely not a quick […]

A week (or 3) in review – what we ate

I hear frequently that people hate meal planning and trying to find good paleo recipes to make. So I thought doing a weekly (this one turned into 3 weeks) round up of the recipes I cooked and how I liked them might be helpful. About half of what I cook comes from recipes and the […]

Grain Free Primal Lasagna

So a few weeks ago everyone was talking about how good these tortillas were from Stupid Easy Paleo. I sort of ignored all the talk because I’ve tried other paleo tortillas in the past and they were such a pain – didn’t hold together well, broke apart if you didn’t flip them just perfectly, stuck […]