Team WOD Tuesday

With a partner complete the following:
Run 2 Miles
200 Squats
150 Games Standards Push Ups
150 Sit Ups
100 Burpees
You and your teammate may split the work any way you want. You may not be working on the same movement at the same time. Fastest team wins. Partners will be assigned at CFR.

Also, shoulder press 8-8-8-8 @ 70% 1RM


  1. If your team wins, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

  2. lisa wilson says:

    So I will meet my future ex-husband and win the lottery?
    Consider team Wilson the winner.

  3. Nicole #1 says:

    Dangit. Gonna have to try to hit the 6:15 wod. This looks fun!

  4. i LOVE partner wods – i think it pushes me harder when i know someone else is counting on my progress and it proved to be another great time this morning! have fun this evening peeps! 🙂

  5. Can I please have a partner who loves burpees??? I will happily take more squats and sit ups in exchange for less burpees 😉

  6. Casey and I cannot be partners!! Who are the burpee lovers?!?

  7. Wallace says:

    Someone actually loves burpees? Thats just sick!!!

  8. Fun! I’ve never done a partner WOD before!

  9. Surely someone out there loves burpees?!?!? And I want that someone as my partner!!! LOL

  10. Ali B.

  11. brain loves burpees

  12. Speaking from experience as someone who has completed a team WOD with Brain, I can confirm that he does infact love the burpees. He will spend a lot of time savoring each one.

  13. Nicole #1 says:

    My 5pm appointment just cancelled! Yay, was doubting I could make the 6:15 wod too. See ya at 5:15! I’ll be the one passing out from heat stroke. :o)

  14. nicole #1, just as long as you finish your part of the wod, i’m sure your partner won’t mind! 🙂
    kyle, isn’t the point that ya’ll completed the wod? 😉

  15. The Brain says:

    @Jackie: my fondness for burpees is slightly exaggerated. Kyle should know this…

  16. Nicole #1 says:

    Jackie, I accepted that I will never be the fastest a long time ago. Finishing is and always will be my primary goal. Well, that and not breaking any bones or being rendered unconcious of course.

  17. nicole, i hope you didn’t just jinx yourself!

  18. I do like burpees. I know it’s a sick and twisted thing.