Veggie you should try – Baby Bok Choy


Baby bok choy (aka Chinese cabbage) is my new favorite vegetable. I’ve never  really thought regular bok choy was anything special,  but last month I bought a few heads of the baby variety and now I don’t leave Whole Foods without it. It’s super versatile – it can be cooked in so many ways – grilled (amazing), roasted, sauteed, great in stir frys and I love to eat it raw or throw it in a salad. It’s crunchy and has a mild flavor. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients. One cup of boy choy has half your daily requirements of vitamins A, C and K. It’s high in beta-carotene, calcium and potassium. And like all the cruciferous vegetables, it contains cancer fighting compounds. To get the highest amount of all these nutrients I recommend eating it raw, but a quick google search will give you instructions on how to cook it in many ways if you want to go that route.

I hope you all are using this 30 day challenge to be open minded and try new foods, especially veggies. There are so many out there and I’m going to try to post some of my favorites and more unusual ones through out the challenge.



  1. These are great in a green smoothie and it gives you a raw properties. Thanks for sharing…FYI I tried my first baby tomato today (pretty good)

    • Cherry tomato? Or a different kind of baby tomato? Can’t believe you’d never had one!
      I’ll have to try the bok choy in my smoothie. Haven’t done that yet. Mine had rainbow chard this morning – it was a little tart.

  2. I ate a whole fennel bulb the other night. It was actually sort of gross.
    I want to learn to make kale chips..

  3. Btw I have never eaten a cherry tomato either, that’s funny.

  4. Fennel tastes like licorice (and not the twizzler kind) so if you don’t like that flavor you definitely won’t like fennel. (I’m not a fan either).
    Kale chips are super easy. I think I may even have a recipe on the blog somewhere back in the archives. But here’s the basics:
    Wash, dry and tear your kale into bite size pieces. Toss it in Olive oil, salt & pepper. Spread on a baking sheet lined with foil and bake at 425 or 450. Check them every 5 minutes because they will burn quick. You want them nice and crispy, but not burnt.