Weekend of Dietary Mayhem!!!!

Today has been a day of epic cheating with regard to my nutrition program.  I started with a giant burrito last night and upon arrival in Atlanta I parlayed it into some home made chocolate chip cookies.  My sister in laws fiance then completed the smoking of 2 boston butts. (which I will talk about later) This morning I woke up and had a cookie, some eggs and then some sweet ass pork.  For lunch I had 2 bbq pork sandwiches and of course a cookie.  Later my wife and her sister returned from a hard day of shopping (that will definitely require me to get more clients next month) with a strawberry cupcake for me, which I ate.  Next, I had more bbq sandwiches and some Mac and Cheese, oh yeah and some broccoli.  At this moment I feel that I am dying or at least very close to meeting pukie. To top it off an experiment in home made doughnut making is underway and I doubt that I will survive.  If no WOD is posted tomorrow you will know that I did not make it.  What started as a cheat meal has gone terribly wrong…. 


  1. mmmmm…. doughnuts.
    I know how you feel. Evidently I am now too old to eat corndogs and beer.
    I spent Thursday night calling for dinosaurs at 2 am.
    I did find my magic watch this morning, AWOL for 6 days, so I am ready to get back on track :).

  2. Wendy Arnold says:

    Deneke, was that YOUR post about the Dietary Mayhem??? If so, I am thrilled to see that you are human like the rest of us!!! I’m still just in shock! After all the grief you give me about yogurt, subs, and EVERYTHING else that I eat, I am still so proud to see that you actually “Ate” on the edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has McGrady seen that???