WOD 01-04 2012

With a Partner
One person run the other completes the movement. Each person will complete each movement while their partner runs.

For Total Reps and Time:
Run 200m
Wall Ball 20/14#
Run 400m
100m Walking Lunges*** in place of run
Sit Ups
Run 200m
Box Jumps

Skill: 150 Double Unders

Paleo Seminar Jan 11th @ 6:30 pm.

Paleo Challenge Starts 01-16-2011 (45 days). You will need to purchase a Nutrition and WOD guide for the challenge. We have them at CFR.


  1. What do the asterisks by the walking lunges mean?

  2. That you’re going to hurt really bad tomorrow…

  3. Kyle was trying to hit the space bar but hit the asterisk instead. He got it on the 4th try.

  4. In this WOD one patner is running while the other is working. The *** is to signinfy that in this phase of the WOD you will be doing walking lunges instead of running. Nothing special, just highlighting the difference.

  5. Ha! Donna…so true!

  6. what’s the sub for sit ups? my tailbone is injured. injured bad.

  7. What happened to your tailbone?

  8. Was it from the squat clean yesterday?

  9. I have been doing a 5000 situps in January challenge with Nick… 161 situps a day, on day 3 (yesterday) my tailbone started killing me. So I think the situps are the culprit –too much pressure on the tailbone maybe?

  10. Probably. That number of sit ups in that time frame may lead to some problems. You probably need a sacral alignment.

  11. Alima will sub something for you this evening.