WOD 01-07-2013

For Time:
80 Double Unders
70 Air Squats
60 Pull Ups
50 Wall Ball
40 Box Step Ups w/ kb53/35#
4 Burpees on the minute every minute.

Be sure to check your email for the E-vite to the CFR Charity Ice Fishing Tournament. Please RSVP so we can get an idea of how many people will be attending.


  1. What is scale for DUs? Singles? Can this be split up?

  2. Well…this looks like it will suck. As I read this I have several thoughts…
    – I’m going at lunch, and still not sure if I’ll make kick off.
    – This is Kyle’s way of reducing the number of signups, so he can make kick off.
    – Or, Kyle just hates us all…

  3. Chipper?

  4. Will, straight through. Tuck Jumps.
    Answers will depends one which Jason posted that. If it is Duece, yes.
    Collin, this is a chipper at CFR. I usually avoid programming this of WOD…
    This WOD is special, just ask the 6:30 am crew.

  5. Jason (aka deuce) says:

    All of a sudden I feel sick!

  6. From one of the 6:30 crew: Special isn’t even the word. I even started complaining about the playlist.

  7. Is anyone signed up for 6:45? If so , I’ll add my name. Only time I can
    Make it, but know its close to game time…

  8. Jason, I had very similar thoughts to yours when I read this. I think Kyle threw in Burpees every minute just so we wouldn’t have the time to stop and throw up. I’m wishing I had not looked before coming to the gym today!

  9. Others are signed up too Roxanne!

  10. Kristin C says:

    While signing up for classes this week, I realized that I originally misunderstood the new class schedule. I originally thought the point of having the 5:15 class was to incorporate more class times in order to alleviate the over-crowding issues on Mondays and Tuesdays. Although the 5:15 class was very inconvenient for me, I understood the necessity of it. With the new changes, I don’t see the point in changing the class times to 5:15 Tuesday-Thursday, since there are only three classes offered in the afternoon (as opposed to 4 on Mondays). If there aren’t any additional classes being added, why change the class times from 5:30 to 5:15?

  11. Kristin,
    The 5:15 class is our most popular class time and we have experienced increased demand for that class. Over 80% of respondents to our last survey regarding this issue requested that class be added to Wednesday and Thursday. As such we have added the class. Regarding additional class times, this change is a proactive approach. As the weather warms up and the time changes, we will be adding the 6:45 class back in. We have taken an incremental approach to schedule modification. This approach affords us the opportunity to assess the effect the changes have on the gym as a whole. All changes are on a trial basis. If the majority of CFR members are dissatisfied other alternatives will be examined. Again, thanks for the input

  12. Yeah, having trouble extending my arms fully. The next 3 days are going to be rough.