WOD 01-07-2014

We are pleased to announce that Anna Henderson will be interning with us as a part of the CFR training staff. You will see her assisting in classes in the very near future. We are excited to have Anna as a part of the coaching staff at CFR. She brings a passion for CFR and fitness to the gym every day. She will be a great asset in the gym.

For Time:
4 Rounds
40 squats
10 Deadlifts 175/120#
5 Hang Power Cleans 175/120#

Mobility: foam roll quads 4 minutes



  1. Yay Anna!

  2. Yeah Anna!! Congrats!!

  3. Congrats Anna!

  4. way to go anna!!!

  5. Welcome aboard!

  6. KyleDeneke says:

    The second printing of hoodies are in. If you placed a pre-order, it’s ready to be picked up.

  7. Brooke M. says:

    So excited for you Anna!!

  8. FYI, after this WOD, walking down steps is just a controlled fall.

  9. My time 14:59. DL 120#. HPC 85#. Walking is optional.