WOD 01-08-2010

Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Frothy Friday tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

We will have regular hours tonight.
We will open at 9:30 tomorrow morning and stay open until 11:30 or 12:00. Dress warm tonight and tomorrow.


  1. brrrrrrrrrr. Jackie and I are going to get there at 5:00 to get warmed up and start as soon as you arrive.

  2. I will be in at 5:00. Are you planning on getting festive with the froth tonight?

  3. 10 degrees… cold beer… sounds like molson to me

  4. Sorry, noob question: what is frothy Friday?

  5. So I missed my first flight by two (2) minutes. Not takeoff – they said I had to be at the counter and checked in 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled to take off and I was exactly two (2) minutes late. And there was no one in line at the counter or at security! So as I watched my plane depart, from the ground, I booked another flight online on my laptop at the airport. By the time I walked to the counter to check in for that one they told me it had been cancelled. They were still happy to have sold me a ticket for it, however. So long story short: I’m still in town. I’ve been on a conference call all day today. Have you ever been on an 8 hour conference call?
    Look out weights; The Brock is coming tonight and he’s pissed!

  6. Frothy Friday is a post WOD social event. It is byob. People generally hang out and get to know each other beyond training. It is a feature that makes CFR a great community rather than just a gym.

  7. I knew I liked this group : ) Thanks for the info.

  8. Welcome Austin….
    Brain…that has to suck for you. maybe a little clean and froth will help you feel better!!
    $2 chuck rules!

  9. i’ll be there at 5p. depending on how long this takes me will determine my attendance with the frothy portion tonight. later!

  10. Chuck Vann says:

    We are participating in Frothy Friday from afar. Who knew how hard it is to climb steps at 11 to 12 thousand feet elevation. Having a great time, and wish you were all here with us. Going for the Black’s tomorrow, so this may be my last post. Its been good knowing you all.

  11. Chuck Vann says:

    Its fargin COLD! This morning when we hit the slopes, it was 5. Windchill of -12.

  12. i’m frothing from music city. but no power cleans. i did help the lighting guys on our shoot carry some sandbags to expedite the haul of gear in the freezing ass cold. so, sandbag carries up stairs and about 100m were my WOD. as Rx’d. see y’all monday.

  13. just saw tomorrow’s WOD. what i’m doing here won’t compare. sorry to miss it. maybe i’ll make it up next thursday (unless fran is somehow monday’s WOD).