WOD 01-09-2014

Pull up Ladder

Skill: 30 Ring Dips
Mobility: lacrosse ball forearms 2 min.
foam roll lower legs 3 min.

Reminder: Nutrition Seminar This Saturday at 10:30. Be sure to get your copy of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. The Nutrition Challenge starts Monday. We will have a sign up on the board in the lobby. It is time to get serious about your nutrition in the new year.



  1. If you are participating in the challenge, please read this post. Let me know if you have questions! http://crossfitrebellion.com/members/2014-nutrition-challenge/

  2. What is a “pull”?

  3. Jonathan M says:

    Brook and I went ahead and bought the cookbook tonight. Looks like some good stuff.

  4. I plan to do the detox challenge but I forgot to sign up today when I paid for my hoodie. Love the hoodie btw!