WOD 01-13-2010


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.


  1. Jawshuwa (how oklahomans spell my name) says:
  2. glad i only weight 55# or this wod would be really, really difficult!

  3. Ha! Too funny, Cori. How does bench press max weight usually compare to deadlift max weight, I wonder?

  4. the whole muscle weighs more than fat really sucks right now.

  5. I’m not sure if bench press max does compare to deadlift max. I mean, it probably should be proportional but I know mine isn’t. Deadlift max would be a little higher % compared to my bench press max, but that’s just me.

  6. this WOD calls for body weight bench press, MAX REPS. not max weight bench press. get the difference? for instance, i weigh 165, so i load that on a bar and bench press it as many times as possible. then i jump on the pull up bar and do as many unbroken (without coming off the bar) pull ups as possible. keep track of your numbers, move to the next round. 5 rounds. add numbers for each to score. dig?
    there’s typically a “rest” period between rounds. i’m sure Kyle will address that part before you start the WOD.

  7. Yeah – but for those of us who may not be up to lifting body weight yet, I’m wondering how to approximate the scale. But, you’re right, Kyle will be there to guide us through the pain…. Looks like a fun one.

  8. no comparison imho. my max dl is 220. my max bench is like 70, MAYBE.

  9. I haven’t bench-pressed in FOREVER. I was up to 205 at one point (1-rep max), but that was back in my no-cardio high-carb days. Don’t know how many reps of 175# I can hack tonight. 2? 3?

  10. pry have to scale this one. i can’t do enough of my own body weight BPs to make the workout worthwhile, i don’t think. like, 1 per round. if i’m lucky. i’ll drop 10-20 lbs.