WOD 01-13-2016

Burpee Challenge:  Day 91

Jonathan Hunt has some great eggs from his chickens. They are available at CFR for $5/dozen.  Let him know if you are interested. 

12 min. EMOM 4 Hang power clean 75% 1RM

15 double Unders

8 hand release Burpees per incomplete round 

Skill:  3 -Lsit Max holds 

Mobility:  3 drills- running chart



  1. Jonathan, I will absolutely take a dozen a week or every two weeks depending on availability. I always miss out on yard eggs!

  2. I bought some of Jonathan’s eggs yesterday!! I had them for breakfast, they were so delicious, I had them again for lunch and dinner! They are the best eggs!!

  3. I’d like a dozen. Also, what’s the return policy?

  4. Michelle McHugh says:

    I definitely want a dozen asap and would likely order every week or at least every two weeks.

  5. I’d love a dozen…probably every week if available!