WOD 01-15-2015

Another nutritional testimonial for you, this time from Lauralee.  Don’t forget to sign the sign up sheet in the lobby if you plan on attending the seminar on Saturday.

The paleo diet just sounds intimidating and impossible, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! Around a year ago I completed the 21 day sugar detox that Kyle and Alima held through CFR. The positive impacts that changing my diet have had on my health and others that completed the challenge are amazing. I lost nearly 20 pounds that I did not know I had to lose. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s also about changing your lifestyle to be a healthier person in general. Before the challenge, I had 6-8 sinus infections a year. After the challenge, I haven’t had a major sinus infection at all. I realized that a paleo diet had literally changed my health. I grew up thinking sinus infections were something I would just have to deal with, but two weeks into clean eating and I could see and feel differences in my health. If I eat poorly now, I  wake up the next morning and have puffy eyes and a stuffy nose.  A few hours after having pasta or lots of sugar, I will have a headache. That’s food doing that to my body! I encourage each of you to truly put forth effort in cleaning up your diet for a period of time to see the positive effects it will have on your health. You will have more energy, the food you eat will actually help you stay full longer because it isn’t breaking down into sugars, and that health issue you think is hereditary or you’ve just come to accept may GO AWAY. There is nothing more encouraging through a challenge or a period of time you are trying to improve yourself than seeing positive results, and by changing your diet, you will certainly get those results.


2 rounds

50 Wall Ball 20/14#
50 Burpees
Compare to 12-26-2013

Skill: 40 hip extensions
Mobility: 3 drills from the running chart.



  1. Proud of you, Lauralee!