WOD 02-03-2014

Strength- Front Squat 3×5 (15 Min. Max)
65 Double Push Up Burpees

Don’t forget to send us your pre/post 21DSD info. The deadline to submit is Wednesday.


  1. Roxanne’s baby celebration/shower is this Sunday! Casey is trying to plan for food and drink so let her know if you plan to attend. Thanks! Poster with details is in the gym lobby.

  2. My birthday is also Sunday. No gifts please.

  3. Were gonna make you do birthday burpees in front of everyone at the party! That’s your gift from me and Kyle 🙂

    • Only if Kyle has to do his from the day before.

      • Well….. I don’t want to say it Bill, but if were basing the number on birthday age you’ll have a few more to do than Kyle. Just sayin… 🙂