WOD 02-06-2014

EMOM 12 Minutes
5 Pull Ups (sub jumping pull ups)
3 Burpees
2 Deadlift 315/225# (scale as needed)
(5 penalty Burpees for each incomplete round)

Skill: 10 Pistols Per Leg

Be sure to sign up for the CFR Ice Fishing Tournament. Sign Up Sheets are outside the office.

Reminder: Open Gym this Saturday will be somewhat modified.
8:30-9:00 Open Gym
9:00- member appreciation/bring a friend day
10:45 Olympic Lifting Class



  1. Skill: Walking to the car after the WOD?

  2. I am so excited about today’s workout!!!

  3. Robertson Pearce says:

    The thing on Saturday at 9: is it a WOD? Do we need to bring a friend to participate?

  4. Also for Saturday if we get there late burpees apply???

  5. Robertson,
    Yes it is a WOD. No, you are not required to bring a friend to participate in the WOD.

  6. No late Burpees on Saturday. However, we will probably start the WOD soon after 9:00

  7. Belinda, I like the attitude improvement.

  8. Jonathan Miller says:

    Belinda is just trying to make up for that thing on facebook… Are we allowed to bring more than one friend Saturday?

  9. Yes. You can bring than one friend.

  10. ^** More

  11. Belinda doesn’t have any friends.

  12. Everything still good to go tonight in regards to the weather?

    • I am not good with people – Bill….. :0)

    • Kyle says yes. He also said we should send Aubrey to school last tues when I said we shouldn’t. So he’s 0 for 1 on weather like this but I guess we’ll give it a go. If I get stuck in snow again he’s in big trouble.

  13. Yes. We are open for classes tonight.